Callaway, Florida 2024

callaway,FloridaI must clarify that while I strive to provide accurate and detailed information, I cannot classify myself as a "USA expert" as my knowledge is based on the data I've been trained on and not on lived experiences. To answer your query, Callaway is a city in Bay County, Florida, USA. As of the 2020 census, the population is approximately 14,500. Let me provide more insights into the city's culture, events, attractions, food, and history.

**Culture and People:**

Callaway, Florida, has a diverse population with a rich cultural background comprising various ethnicities such as American, Hispanic, and African American, forming a tight-knit community. The city hosts various cultural events promoting inclusivity and unity.

**Special Events:**

Several events take place in and around Callaway:

- The Bay County Fair is a popular annual event featuring agricultural exhibits, livestock shows, carnival rides, and various competitions.

- The Annual Callaway Arts and Crafts Festival showcases local and regional artists, craftspeople, food vendors, and live entertainment.

**Local Attractions:**

Though Callaway is a smaller city, there are many local attractions to explore:

- Camp Helen State Park – a beautiful state park on the Gulf of Mexico with beaches, hiking trails, and historical structures.

- The Gulf Coast State College offers an array of cultural events, such as theater performances, art exhibitions, and music recitals throughout the year.

- The Panama City Beach Winery and Distillery is a local gem where you can find a wide selection of wines and spirits produced in-house, often made from unique fruits.


Callaway and the surrounding area offer a variety of dining experiences, from local seafood to international flavors. Don't forget to try:

- Fresh local seafood – Enjoy dishes like grouper sandwiches, oysters, and stone crab claws at local restaurants.

- Southern-style barbeque – Indulge in slow-smoked meats, ribs, and Southern sides at one of the many BBQ joints in the area.

- Craft beer and cocktails – With numerous breweries and pubs around, you can taste locally made beers and craft cocktails.

- Farmers' markets – Fresh produce, homemade goods, and artisanal products are readily available at weekly farmers' markets.


Callaway was initially established as a rural community and has experienced steady growth since the mid-20th century. Though it was incorporated as a city in 1963, Callaway has managed to maintain a small-town charm while developing into a thriving residential and commercial area.

These details should offer a comprehensive overview of the City of Callaway, Florida, its attractions, people, events, and more. It's truly a beautiful place to visit with plenty to see and experience.