Eustis, Florida 2024

eustis,FloridaOf course! Here's some latest information about the city of Eustis, Florida:

Location: Eustis is located in Lake County, Florida, USA. It is situated in central Florida, approximately 35 miles northwest of Orlando.

Population: According to the 2020 census, the population of Eustis is 22,056.

History: Eustis was founded in 1876 and named after General Abraham Eustis, a distinguished military officer and surgeon. The city has a rich history, with many buildings and homes dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Culture: Eustis has a strong sense of community, with a mix of small-town charm and modern attractions. Residents and visitors enjoy various cultural events and festivals, including the annual Eustis Busiest Festival, held in February.

Special Events: Some popular events in Eustis include the Eustis Live! concert series, held every Friday night in the downtown area, and the annual Eustis Art Walk, which features local artists and their work.

Local Attractions: Eustis is home to various attractions, such as the Eustis Historical Museum, which showcases the city's history, and the nearby Lake Eustis, which offers fishing, boating, and water sports. The city also has several parks, including Ferran Park, which features walking trails, a playground, and picnic areas.

Food: Eustis offers a range of dining options, including Italian, Mexican, and Southern cuisine. One of the local favorites is the Eustis Cafe, which serves breakfast and lunch.

People: The people of Eustis are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Residents take pride in their community and actively work to preserve its history and traditions while promoting growth and development.

Overall, Eustis, Florida, is a charming city that offers a combination of history, culture, and community.