Gibsonton, Florida 2024

gibsonton,FloridaGreetings! I'm happy to tell you all about the quirky and fascinating city of Gibsonton, Florida, which is located in Hillsborough County.


As of the most recent census data from 2020, the population of Gibsonton is approximately 16,500. The city has seen steady growth over the past decade, thanks in part to its convenient location between Tampa and Sarasota.


Gibsonton has a rich and unique culture that is steeped in history. In the mid-20th century, Gibsonton was known as a wintering spot for carnival and circus performers, including sideshow acts. As a result, the city has a long-standing tradition of welcoming and embracing people of all walks of life. Today, you can still see remnants of this colorful past in the form of retired circus trailers and memorabilia, as well as the annual Gibsonton Pioneer Days celebration, which takes place every February and features a parade, carnival rides, and live music.

Special Events:

In addition to Pioneer Days, other special events in Gibsonton include:

* The Strawberry Festival, which takes place every March in nearby Plant City and features strawberry-themed food, music, and entertainment

* The Florida State Fair, which takes place every February in Tampa and features livestock shows, rides, games, and food vendors

* The Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which takes place every January in Tampa and features a pirate-themed parade, live music, and food

Local Attractions:

Gibsonton is home to several local attractions that are worth checking out, including:

* The International Independent Showmen's Museum, which celebrates the history of the traveling carnival and circus industries

* The Showmen's Rest cemetery, which is the final resting place for many retired carnival and circus performers

* The TECO Manatee Viewing Center, which is located in nearby Apollo Beach and offers visitors the chance to see manatees up close in their natural habitat


Gibsonton is home to a variety of local restaurants and eateries, including:

* The Barn, which serves up Southern comfort food in a rustic setting

* The Cowboy Steakhouse, which is known for its delicious steaks and Western-themed atmosphere

* The Giddy Goat, which is a popular spot for coffee and pastries

* La Mexicana, which serves up authentic Mexican cuisine


The people of Gibsonton are friendly, welcoming, and diverse. The city has a strong sense of community, and residents take pride in their hometown's unique history and culture. Many people who move to Gibsonton do so because they are attracted to the city's laid-back vibe, affordable cost of living, and convenient location.


Gibsonton was first settled in the 1800s by a group of pioneers who were drawn to the area's fertile soil and abundant natural resources. The city was originally known as Perry, after one of its founding settlers, but was later renamed Gibsonton in honor of J.C. Gibson, a local postmaster. In the mid-20th century, Gibsonton became known as a wintering spot for carnival and circus performers, many of whom settled in the city permanently. Today, Gibsonton is a thriving community that continues to embrace its unique heritage and history.