Hialeah, Florida 2024

hialeah,FloridaHialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. As of the 2020 census, Hialeah has a population of 227,929. It is the sixth-largest city in Florida. Hialeah has a total area of 23.37 sq mi.

Hialeah has a Hispanic culture. Significant Cuban and Salvadoran populations live in Hialeah. Hialeah has a vibrant cultural scene showcasing its diverse population.

Ray's Pizza & Wings is one of the top local attractions. This pizzeria has been around since 1976 and offers out-of-the-world pizza and wings.

The city of Hialeah has a colorful history. Hialeah was established in 1925 by Jimmy Bright and James H. Bright. It was developed by James H. Bright and Mike H. Bright.

Hialeah is home to many different kinds of people. The ethnic and racial composition of Hialeah is 64% Hispanic and Latino, 21% White, 10% Black or African American, and 0.5% Asian.

Hialeah has a subtropical monsoon climate, like much of south Florida. Summers are long, warm, and particularly humid, while winters are short and mild.