Keystone, Florida 2024

keystone,FloridaI'm happy to help! However, it seems there might be a slight misunderstanding. Keystone is actually a census-designated place located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and it is not a city. Nevertheless, I would be happy to provide some general information about Keystone, FL.


According to the most recent data from the US Census Bureau, as of 2019, the estimated population of Keystone was around 34,000.


Keystone is a largely residential community that is known for its natural beauty, upscale neighborhoods, and excellent schools. The community has a diverse population, with residents from many different backgrounds and cultures.

Special Events:

One of the most popular events in Keystone is the annual Fourth of July Parade and Celebration, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the Tampa Bay area. The event features a parade, live music, food vendors, and a fireworks display.

Local Attractions:

Keystone is home to several beautiful parks and nature preserves, including the Keystone Park, which features hiking trails, a playground, and picnic areas. There is also the Upper Tampa Bay Park, which boasts fishing piers, kayak launches, and a nature center. For golf enthusiasts, there are several top-rated golf courses in Keystone, including the Saddlebrook Resort and the Cheval Golf and Country Club.


Keystone has a wide variety of dining options, from casual eateries to upscale restaurants. There are several local favorites, such as the Greek Garden, which serves authentic Greek cuisine, and the Keystone Village Pub, which offers a range of pub fare and craft beers.


The residents of Keystone are known for their friendly and welcoming attitude. Many families are attracted to the community because of its excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and close proximity to Tampa's cultural and entertainment offerings.


Keystone has a rich history that dates back to the 1850s, when it was primarily used for cattle grazing and timber harvesting. The community began to develop in the 1970s and 1980s, and it has since grown into a thriving residential area that is highly sought after for its natural beauty and upscale amenities.

I hope this information gives you a better sense of what Keystone, FL has to offer! Let me know if you have any other questions.