Lake Wales, Florida 2024

lake-wales,FloridaLake Wales is a city located in Polk County, Florida, in the United States. As of the 2010 Census, the city had a population of approximately 14,225. However, the most recent estimates put the population at around 15,846 as of 2019.

The city of Lake Wales is known for its small-town charm and its beautiful natural surroundings. It is located near the center of the Florida peninsula, near the southern end of the Ridge region, a narrow, north-south trending area of higher land. The city is named for the large number of lakes in the area, and it is home to the largest lake in Polk County, Lake wire, which covers an area of approximately 13,800 acres.

The culture of Lake Wales is a blend of small-town Florida and a touch of Old Florida charm. The city has a rich history that is reflected in its architecture, including the Lake Wales Arts Center, which is a former estate that has been converted into an art gallery and performance venue, and the Lake Wales Museum, which is housed in a 1920s-era schoolhouse and features exhibits on the city's history.

The city is home to several special events throughout the year, including the annual Lake Wales Street Painting Festival, which attracts artists from all over the state to create temporary murals on the city's streets, and the Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival, which features hot air balloon rides, live music, and food vendors.

When it comes to local attractions, Lake Wales is home to Bok Tower Gardens, a National Historic Landmark that features a 205-foot tall carved stone tower and 50 acres of gardens. Visitors can also enjoy the city's many parks and nature preserves, including the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest and the Tiger Creek Preserve.

The food scene in Lake Wales reflects the city's location in the heart of Florida and its agricultural heritage. The city is home to several farmers markets, and local restaurants feature fresh seafood, citrus, and other local ingredients. Visitors can also find a variety of international cuisines, from Mexican to Italian to Thai.

The people of Lake Wales are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The city has a diverse population, with a mix of long-time residents and newcomers. Residents take pride in their community and are actively involved in local organizations and events.

The city's history dates back to the 1870s, when the first settlers arrived in the area. The city was officially incorporated in 1917, and it has since grown into a thriving community that combines small-town charm with natural beauty and a rich history. Today, Lake Wales is a great place to visit or to call home, with its warm climate, beautiful scenery, and variety of things to see and do.