Pinecrest, Florida 2024

pinecrest,FloridaPinecrest is a suburban village in Miami-Dade County, Florida, with a population of 19,375(according to the 2020 US Census)and a land area of 16.75 square miles. It has a suburban atmosphere, public schools, a mix of civic and commercial areas, and various parks.

Hammocks, Florida, to the south and Miami to the north surround Pinecrest. The city's founding was in 1996, and its current mayor is Joseph Corradino. Since Pinecrest has no industry, it relies on the tourist industry, which benefits from the beautiful scenery, museums, and other points of interest. Even though the area has a Cook County Commission/Manager form of government, some say it is closer to a pure democracy because it lacks a mayor. Even though Pinecrest is the 22nd largest city in Miami-Dade County by area, it effectively manages its government on many levels. Pinecrest derives most of its revenue from sale taxes and property taxes.

Pinecrest Gardens is the oldest continually operating tourist attraction in Miami-Dade County. It boasts approximately 1000 varieties of exotic tropical plants, including majestic trees, colorful flowers, and assorted tropical fruit trees. Within Pinecrest Gardens is a Hedge Maze, a petting zoo, and a playground for children. The Gardens frequently stage art shows and crafts fairs, farmers' markets, charity walks/runs, concerts, and other community-designed arts and crafts fairs. The Great Outdoors, like Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, is located nearby. South Florida has several institutions of HEALTH and education, including Florida international University's medical school.

In addition to the public Palmetto High School, there are several other primary, intermediate, and high schools. Also situated in Pinecrest is the Florida Christian School, which offers K-12 Christian education.

"Pinecrest's first settlers were the Tequesta Indians, who would have inhabited the area for 5,000 years before Europeans arrived. To the north, what became Pinecrest was from SW 88th Street to SW 120th Street to the Miami River from Miami to Miami Beach.

In 1950, the national population was approximately 951 people living in the 331550 zip code, 6,874 in 1960, and 10,043 in 1970. More than 42 different nationalities are represented by 19 elementary schools in the area.

Fred, an employee at the Pinecrest Branch Library, a "Regional" library of the Miami-Dade Public Library System, is the primary contributor to this page. To serve a growing population, the library relocated into a new one-story 10,000 square foot structure at 5830 SW 1111 Street in November 1989.

Several parks in Pinecrest serve the community well, including five "neighborhood" parks, the Gardens, a public pool, a tennis center, a picnic area, a community center, biking and walking paths, playgrounds, and sports fields.

Pinecrest, Florida restaurants are known for serving a variety of meals, including Al Fresco dining options, outdoor seating for patrons to enjoy beautiful weather, waterfront views, sidewalk cafes, and pet-friendly restaurants. Latin-inspired eateries are typical in Pinecrest, but you can find all sorts of eateries to dine in, from Asian fusion to Italian comfort food. Pinecrest's retail stores and strip malls offer everything from basic necessities to luxury goods to home decor.