Leawood, Kansas 2024

leawood,KansasLeawood, Kansas is a city located in Johnson County, Kansas, which is a part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. As of the 2020 Census, the population of Leawood was approximately 35,849 people.

In terms of culture, Leawood is known for its affluent and educated population. The city is home to many high-end shops, restaurants, and galleries, and is known for its beautiful parks and gardens. The city's public schools are highly rated, and the community places a strong emphasis on education.

Special events in Leawood include the Leawood Fourth of July Celebration, which features a parade, live music, and fireworks. The city also hosts several other events throughout the year, such as the Leawood Founders' Day, the Leawood Arts Council's Fine Arts Festival, and the Leawood Stage Company's summer theatre productions.

Local attractions in Leawood include the Tomahawk Creek Park, which features a lake, picnic areas, and walking trails. The city is also home to the Leawood City Park, which has a pool, tennis courts, and a playground. The city is also home to many golf courses, including the Ironhorse Golf Club and the Leawood South Country Club.

Food in Leawood is diverse, with many high-end restaurants, as well as casual dining options. The city is known for its barbecue, but also has a wide variety of other cuisine, including Italian, Mexican, and Asian.

The people of Leawood are known for being friendly and welcoming. Many of the residents are well-educated and affluent, and the community places a strong emphasis on education and community involvement.

Leawood's history dates back to the early 1900s when the area was first settled. The city was officially incorporated in 1948 and has since grown to become one of the most affluent and desirable places to live in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Today, Leawood is a thriving city with a strong sense of community and a bright future.