Boxford, Massachusetts 2024

boxford,MassachusettsBoxford is a small towns in Essex County, Massachusetts, USA, with a rich history dating back to 1667 when it was first settled. Located approximately 25 miles north of Boston, this charming town boast a strong sense of community spirit, beautiful landscapes, and a strong dedication to preserving its history and cultural heritage.

As of the 2020 Census, Boxford's population was 8,061 people, making it a thriving and lively community. The population is spread across different age groups, with children under 18 years old accounting for over 20% of the population.

Boxford is renowned for its historic sites which include the Boxford State Forest, the Samuel Smith House, and the Gould Barn.

The annual Boxford Firefighters' Festival is one of the town's most popular events, attracting visitors from surrounding areas. It is a fun event that features live music, local food, and firework display.

In terms of local attractions, Bradley Palmer State Park, which offers visitors beautiful hiking trails, picnic areas, and camping sites, is a must-see. The park' history dates back to the 19th century, and it is named after Governor Samuel W. Bradley. Another attraction is the Kelsey Sanctuary, a 500-acre wildlife preserve with over 10 miles of walking trails that provide visitors with a peaceful and serene setting in which to connect with nature. The nearby Ipswich River offers kayaking and canoeing opportunities, while the mot Motte Conservation Area has hiking trails and an educational center.

Boxford residents enjoy various cuisines, ranging from American comfort food to Italian and Mexican cuisine. Weathervane Seafoods, Tom's Farm Market, and The 99 Restaurants are some of the well-known restaurants in the town.

Overall, Boxford, Massachusetts, is a flourishing community with a fascinating history and deep cultural roots. It is a place that inhabitants and tourists alike will enjoy visiting because of its beautiful landscapes, fascinating history, and warm community.