Chelmsford, Massachusetts 2024

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Location and Population:

Chelmsford is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in the United States. It is situated 24 miles northwest of Boston and borders the towns of Lowell, Billerica, Carlisle, Westford, and Andover. According to the 2020 United States Census, the population of Chelmsford is 39,775.


Chelmsford has a wide range of cultural activities to offer. The Chelmsford Community Theater, which stages productions throughout the year, and The Chelmsford Art Society, which hosts art displays and workshops, are just two examples of the town's thriving arts scene. Chelmsford hosts several annual festivals, including a summer concert series, a farmers' market, and a holiday lighting ceremony.

Local Attractions:

Chelmsford offers several attractions for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Among the noteworthy sites are:

1. Heart Pizza - A local restaurant that serves wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza and craft beer.

2. The Chelmsford Farmer's Market-The market is open from May to October and features goods from local farmers and artisans.

3. Nutting Lake - A popular location for outdoor activities and recreation, such as walking, kayaking, and fishing.

4. The Chelmsford Public Library-A community hub that provides books, programs, and activities for people of all ages.


Chelmsford has a thriving food scene that reflects the town's rich history and cultural variety. The town has several outstanding eateries, ranging from traditional American comfort food to Indian and Thai cuisine. Some well-known restaurants and diners in Chelmsford include, among others:

1. The Chateau Restaurant and Bar - Offers entrees inspired by the Mediterranean region.

2. Burtons Grill - Serves up traditional American comfort food and offers a gluten-free menu.

3. Shawsheen Package Store - This family-owned package store has been around since 1946 and offers a wide selection of craft beers and wines.


Chelmsford is inhabited by people from various backgrounds, forming a diverse and vibrant community. The city has a strong feeling of community, with residents who are passionate about sustaining their town's history and culture.


Chelmsford was established in 1653 as a tiny farming community known as "the wilderness" by European colonists. The town grew into a significant agricultural and commercial center throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, with numerous textile mills and factories along the Concord River. Chelmsford has evolved into a largely residential community with a strong emphasis on education, cultural events, and preserving its historical legacy.

Overall, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, has something for everyone, from its thriving arts scene to its numerous local attractions, restaurants, and historical heritage. It is a community that values tradition and innovation, providing residents and visitors with a high quality of life.

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