Norfolk, Massachusetts 2024

norfolk,MassachusettsSure, I'd be pleased to provide you with an overview of Norfolk, Massachusetts, including its population, culture, notable events, local attractions, cuisine, residents, and history.

Norfolk is a town in Massachusetts, United States, with a population of 11,227 people, according to the 2020 census. It is situated in Norfolk County and is a component of the Boston-Cambridge-Newton, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town covers 25.1 square miles and is 17 miles southwest of Boston.


Norfolk has a long history, and European settlers first settled it in the 17th century. It was mainly a farming community and had several mills along the Neponset River. Today, Norfolk is a blend of historic and modern buildings, with various local enterprises, eateries, and cultural events.

Special Events:

Norfolk hosts various annual events, such as a summer concert series in the town common, a farmers' market, a Halloween parade, and a winter holiday festival. One of the most well-known events is the Norfolk Jazz Festival, which has been held every year since 1997 and features performances by musicians from across the nation.

Local Attractions:

Norfolk has numerous attractions, such as the Norfolk Farmers' Market, held every Saturday throughout the summer. The Un common Grounds Café, which serves breakfast, lunch, and supper and features live music and events, is another such establishment. The 168-acre (0.28 sq mi) Uncas Lake offers boating, fishing, hiking, and picnic spaces. There are also many historical buildings and monuments, such as the Norfolk Town Hall and the First Congregational Church.


Norfolk is home to various restaurants and eateries, including Italian, Mexican, and seafood cuisine. The Uncommon Grounds Café is a popular local gathering area that serves breakfast, lunch, and supper and hosts live music and events.


The population of Norfolk is varied, with a combination of young professionals, families, and seniors. The community has a strong sense of community and is very involved in local events and initiatives. The median household income in Norfolk is $84,419, and the median property value is $324,200, according to data from the 2020 census.


Norfolk was established in 1674 and named after Norfolk, England. Throughout the 19th century, it developed into a center for agriculture and small-scale industry, with numerous mills along the Neponset River. The community witnessed considerable growth during the 20th century as a Boston suburb, and numerous modern residences and structures were constructed. Today, Norfolk is a mix of older and modern structures, seeking to preserve its historical legacy.

In conclusion, Norfolk, Massachusetts, is a lovely town with a rich past and a strong sense of community. It provides something for everyone, including cultural events, local attractions, and restaurants. Whether you enjoy history, the arts, outdoor activities, or good food, Norfolk is certainly worth a visit.

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