Great Falls, Montana 2024

great-falls,MontanaGreat Falls is a city in Montana, USA. It is the county seat of Cascade County and the third largest city in the state.

The population of Great Falls is approximately 59,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's estimate in 2020. The city has a total area of 22.17 square miles, and it is located near the Missouri River.

In terms of culture, Great Falls has a rich history and diverse cultural heritage. The city is home to several museums, including the Charles M. Russell Museum, which features a collection of artwork and artifacts from the American West, and the Museum of the Great Plains, which showcases the history of the region.

Great Falls is also home to the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra and the Great Falls Chorale, which offer a variety of musical performances throughout the year. The city also has a vibrant arts scene, with several galleries and studios featuring local and regional artists.

Special events in Great Falls include the Montana Folk Festival, which is held every July and features live music, dancing, and craft demonstrations. The Great Falls Tribune, a local newspaper, sponsors an annual Christmas Stroll, which includes a holiday parade, craft show, and visits with Santa Claus.

Local attractions in Great Falls include the Great Falls of the Missouri River, a prominent landmark that the city is named after. The falls are accessible via a scenic hike trail, and visitors can also take a guided tour to learn more about the area's history and geology.

Other popular attractions include the C. M. Russell Museum, the Great Falls Zoological Society, and the U.S. Army's 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) located at Fort Benjamin Harrison.

The people of Great Falls are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. It is a tight-knit community where residents take pride in their small-town charm, while still enjoying the amenities of a larger city.

The city's cuisine is heavily influenced by Montana's agricultural history and includes locally raised beef, bison, and trout. Great Falls is also home to several breweries, such as the Great Falls Brewing Company and the Mighty Mo Brewing Co., which offer a variety of locally crafted beers.

Lastly, the history of Great Falls can be traced back to the late 19th century, when it was founded as a fort and trading post. The city grew rapidly during the Homestead Era and became a center for agriculture and industry. Today, Great Falls is a thriving city with a strong sense of community, a rich history, and a diverse cultural scene.