Childress, Texas 2024

childress,TexasChildress is a city and the county seat of Childress County, Texas, United States.The population was 6,106 at the 2020 census.

Childress, Texas, in the Texas Panhandle, was founded in 1887 and named after the local landowner and rancher George Childress.

Childress, at the crossroads of U.S. highways 62, 83, and 287, is the center of the Texas Panhandle and has a rich history, . The town square, once the site of a land office, is now a historic district with structures from the early 1900s. The town square features a large statue of a reclining cattle drive with the words "Cattle King" on it. Several shops, a museum, a soda fountain, an old jailhouse, and a line of brick buildings facing the town square are among Childress's main attractions

Childress, Texas, in the Texas Panhandle, was founded in 1887 and named after George Childress, a prominent landowner and rancher. Because of its strategic location at the crossroads of US highways 62, 83, and 287, the city is also referred to as the "Crossroads of the Plains."

On April 12, 165 years after it was first built, the town, founded in 1837, was officially proclaimed as the site of its first home, known as a "dugout." Before it was officially named "Childress," only a few houses, a blacksmith shop, and a school were located in the area. It wouldn't be until 1888 that anyone would consider incorporating the town. By 1912, the population had increased to about 5,000, and it was officially named the county seat of Childress County in 1890.

On August 23, 1926, seven people were killed, and a further 75 were injured in a devastating tornado that struck the town.

The town has many sights, attractions, activities, and events throughout the year. The Childress County Heritage Museum and the 12.20 Movie House, both in the downtown area, are open year-round. The Childress Veterans' Memorial Park, finished in July 2017 on the southwest side of town, has become a beloved landmark. The park is a place for all veterans, living or dead, and is completely handicapped accessible.

The third weekend of May is the best time to experience the city's rich cowboy and ranch culture during the annual Childress Roping and Rodeo Event. The Wagon Yard Shopping Center, a fun shop, is located on the town square and has 6,000 square feet of antiques, gifts, and other goods. Customers can relax and enjoy shopping thanks to the abundance of parking available in the back and on the east side. There are also several restaurants and bars for eating and drinking in the town's immediate vicinity.

The oldest restaurant in Childress, "Jigs," has historic photographs, furnishings, and memorabilia as well as jalapeƱo bottles and old-fashioned ornaments. The Lumberyard Cafe, with the slogan "where meat matters," serves delectable Sunday brunches and a full supper menu, all cooked on a custom-made brick pit. A Mexican restaurant, La Bodega, is directly across the street. The Brickyard, the Flat Iron Steakhouse, and Joe's Pizza are located nearby. A drive-in meal is a must at the famous "Jig's Restaurant," which serves all manner of traditional Southern fare. A local favorite, the 12th Street Diner offers a traditional American menu and handmade milkshakes.

Childress is a place you should think about visiting if you're looking for an interesting place with lots of personality and history in a small West Texas town.