Greenville, Texas 2024

greenville,TexasGreenville is a Texas city located in Hunt County. As of the 2020 census, the population was 29,601. It is 45 mi (72 km) northeast of Dallas.

Hunt County Courthouse, built in 1890

Greenville's earliest settlers were the Caddo Indians. In 1846, the first Anglo settlers arrived and named the village "Greenville" after Texas Republic president Thomas Jefferson Green. It was located on the old road between Dallas and Shreveport. While it was initially a small village, it began to grow rapidly because of its strategic location.

Greenville was designated as the county seat when Hunt County was established in 1846. The town appeared to be benefiting from its status as the county seat. After the railroad came in 1873, the population grew even more, and Greenville got the nickname "The Queen City."

Greenville had a population of around 500 people in 1870. By the early 1880s, the town had a population of over 2,000. A new courthouse was built in 1890. Several festivals and events are held in Greenville throughout the year. Saint Patrick' claims to be the "largest festival in the United States." The convention center seating 3,500 people, was completed in November 2006. Greenville is home to the Greenville High School football team, the Greenville High School Marching Band, Greenville High School Girls' basketball, and Greenville High School Theatre. The public high school is known for its musical, theatrical, sports, and band programs. Greenville is also the home of the Heritage House, which has an official Cotton O' Bryant exhibit, and the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum.

Peabody's Restaurant is one famous eatery. Other local restaurants include The Farmhouse, Ambra's Wwares, The Irish Bistrot, The Iron Cactus, and Perots. Rosto, The Pinkerton Building, Picker's Cafe, and The Mix. Greenville is known for its barbecue and its more than 60 antique shops and flea markets.

The city of Greenville is working to improve its downtown and business community, conducting special events like the annual "Uptown Christmas" parade, a "Scarecrow" competition, and the construction of a new library. A large inflatable snowman, snow angel, Christmas tree lighting celebration, and "Night of Lights" contest highlight the holiday season. The annual "Boots and Bruises" Memorial Stampede Rodeo occurs each April, the "Shamrock Shuffle" is held downtown in March, the "Sox and Boxers Run" is held in June, and the Christmas Parade is held in December.

Greenville has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot, long, and humid, with highs often reaching 90 degrees. There is occasional rain. The highest temperature ever recorded in Greenville, Texas was 115 degrees F on August 12, 1911. Winters are mild, and snowfall is uncommon, but the area has experienced extreme weather as low as -20 degrees F.

Greenville received a "Red-Hot" rating from the Texas A&M Forest Service, indicating the city was at severe risk from wildfires due to drought conditions on March 20, 2022.