Killeen, Texas 2024

killeen,TexasTexas is a mid-sized city in the Bell County region of Texas, with a 2020 population of around 143,000. It's a lively and diverse city, with a 31.8% increase since 2000. It is situated just 150 kilometers north of Austin, the state capital. The residents of Killeen are genuine and friendly Texans. They love to eat at the local barbecue restaurants.

Killeen is also a place well-known for its festivals, such as the annual Killeen Christmas Parade, which takes place in early December and attracts residents from all over the county. Some creative residents came up with a ghost tour of downtown Killeen. You'll hear stories about the city's history, but also some of its myths, and the tour's organizers occasionally throw in some drama to make things even more interesting.

Killeen has mostly been known for its barbecue, but lately, the city has started to feature many kinds of cuisine. El Tule is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area, with very good tacos and wonderfully warm tortillas, as well as generous servings.

The people who live in Killeen are diverse because military members and their families who have been stationed at Fort Hood come from all over the United States. As a result, people from all walks of life have unique perspectives, making this city welcoming to all visitors. Veterans make up around 20% of the population in Killeen, much higher than the national average.

Killeen, Texas, began as a farming community. It was incorporated in 1891, and by the turn of the century, it had become a small rural community with schools, churches, a post office, and a railroad stop. Its growth was expedited by its location on a railroad line and its proximity to a new military installation, Camp Hood (which later became Fort Hood), which was established in 1942 during WWII. Killeen was on the cusp of a boom by the early 2000s, thanks to its continued expansion as a military town and several recent economic growth initiatives aimed at revitalizing the city's neglected downtown area.

In short, relocating to Killeen, TX, might be a smart move. It's growing and in a great location; great for people who love the outdoors. Hiking trails are nearby, and Austin is only a short drive away. For military veterans, this is a great place to live.