Lake Jackson, Texas 2024

lake-jackson,TexasLake Jackson is a city located in Brazoz Valley County, Texas, United States. The population of Lake Jackson was 26,849 at the 2020 census.

Lake Jackson is known as the "City of Enchantment" because of its natural charm. The city attempts to maintain a small-town atmosphere, despite its proximity to the Greater Houston metropolitan area.


Lake Jackson was founded in 1944, when a business man named Jesse H. Price, along with four partners, developed a new community that would give workers participating in the construction of the Sugar Land Refinery a place to live. The city was named Lake Jackson because a number of small lakes were built around the town, and a large lake was planned.

However, the lake was never built; in fact, today only one lake remains in the city. The city tried to adopt the name of the lake, Oyster Creek, but it officially remained Lake Jackson. Lake Jackson was officially incorporated on August 24, 154, with George A. Kahn, Jr serving as the first mayor.


Some of the well-known Lake Jackson landmarks include the Lake Jackson Historical Society, Lake Jackson Museum, Seawolf Park, the City Hall, the Lake Jackson Civic Center, and the Women's Club.

1.湖的Jackson has plenty to offer nature lovers, including a 16-acre lake, picnic areas, playgrounds, biking trails, and an 18-hole golf course spread across 155 acres. In addition, The Lake Jackson Historical Association Museum contains exhibits that give information about the history of the area.

2. There's also the Sea Wolf Park, which provides the public with a beach, nature paths, a large play ground, and a marina. It's located right next to the Brazosport Museum of Natural History. Visitors can also visit The Brazo Museum of Natural History on Sea Wolf Park's premises, which provides tourists with information about the flora and wildlife of the Brazosport Region.

3. The 32-acre Gault Site, which dates back 24,000 BCE, showcases more than 300 ancient ceremonial earthworks built by prehistoric Native Americans. The site also provides access to at least 160 potential mounds.

4. Children's Museum of Lake Jackson: The Lake Jackson Children's Museum, located on Highway 332 in Lake Jackson, is a fascinating museum geared towards children who are interested in art, nature, science, and other subjects. The art room allows kids to explore and create anything they can think of. In the natural room, children can learn about insects, reptiles, seashells and much more.


There are various large chain stores such as Winn-Dixie, Tom Thumb, and Albertson's, as well as Lake Jackson's own unique establishments to get your grocery shopping done.


A diverse group of people calls Jackson Lake home, including young families, professionals, artists, and oil field workers. They go to the Brazoswood High School.


Lake Jackson is a medium-sized city in Brazoz Valley County, Texas, with roughly 28K residents. The population density is 1,235 people per square mile, which makes it a relatively crowded city. In the last presidential election held in 2020, Brazoz county remained overwhelmingly Republican.


There is no direct public transportation available in Lake Jackson. The city provides demand-response transportation services for the disabled and senior residents of the community.


In the 1970's, the city took serious steps to diversify its economy, but it is still heavily industrialized. The city boasts several major employers, including the Lake Jackson Independent School District, the Brazosport Independent School District, the Brazosport Regional Health System and the Brazoz Valley Council of Governments.