Camano, Washington 2024

camano,WashingtonCamano island is located in the Puget Sound, Washington,

U.S.A. It stretches about 12 miles long and 4 miles wide. Camano has a land area of 20.69 square miles. Camano has a population of 1,522 according to the U.S. Census, 2020. The 2010 census reported 1,368 residents.

Camano is accessible by a 20-30 minute drive across the North Stillaguamish River via a 2 lane bridge or by a 20-30 minute drive south and taking a ferry from the town of Stanwood.

On December 22, 28, and 29, 1985, a severe storm surge caused the sea level to rise to an estimated 19 meters (62.34 ft) at Camano. This storm surge damaged 20 seaside houses at Camano, as waves washed over the island's central heat. The mean sea level at Seattle, 100 km (62 miles) to the south, rose 68 cm (26.77 inches) above reference level, setting a new record. The previous record,

58.33 cm (22.96 inches) above reference level, was set on December 13, 1885.

Camano has a mix of activities to keep you busy all year round. You can go whale watching, fishing and boating, snow shoeing, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, and beachcombing.

A must visiting place of Camano is the Camano Island State Park. The 244-acre park has 13,000 feet of shoreline with beautiful beaches. You can enjoy hiking trails, waterfront picnic areas, a boat launch, and the park offers excellent fishing and shell-fishing opportunities. There is also a big enough parking spot for camping.

Many Camano residents are passionate about art. Many artists make their homes in Camano. The Camano Arts Association supports the arts in the community and has regular studio tours. The association lists 27 artist studios, 15 art galleries, and 10 special and antique shops.

Moreover, some popular local attractions include Camano Island State Park and the Camano Island Historical Society and Museum. The museum built in 1911, serves as a historical educational, and cultural center featuring research, exhibits, guided tours, and programs showcasing the island's history.

The Camano Farmers markets take place on weekends during the summer and feature local artists, live music, produce, plants, crafts, and more when you can buy gifts and souvenirs.

The people of Camano believe in enjoying their life. They arrange and attend community events regularly. They arrange a monthly arts tour known as "First Saturday's Art Walk." During this day, almost all the prominent galleries feature a specific artist. They also arrange Open studio tours, house tours, and art workshops. During the summer, they organize the Camano Island Farmers Market.

There are many restaurants such as The Camano Island Inn, a casual fine dining place with both indoor and outdoor seating. Another is Bar Saratoga, a 4-star restaurant known for its seafood, which closed at the end of 2019. They have delicious courses at affordable prices. There is an extensive list of mouth-watering cuisines in restaurants that always attract visitors.