Olympia, Washington 2024

olympia,WashingtonOlympia is the capital of the state of Washington. It is located at the southern end of Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula. The city has many attractions, great food, and beautiful scenery. It is a wonderful place to visit.

The population is around 52,000 people. The city has a total area of 19.68 square miles.

There are several cultural events and festivals in Olympia, including the Capitol Lakefair, the Olympia Music Festival, and the Farmers' Market. Percival Landing boardwalk overlooking the marina, Olympic Flight Museum, Tumwater Falls Park, and Hood Canal are just some of the attractions. Percival Landing boardwalk overlooking the marina, Olympic Flight Museum, Tumwater Falls Park, and Hood Canal are just some of the attractions.

Fishing, boating, and kayaking are popular pastimes in Olympia. Hiking, mountain biking, and camping are also a few miles outside the city limits.

Local restaurants offer a wide range of foods. Some places to try are burgers at Brother Pizza, BBQ atJake's Country BBQ, seafood atBayview Brewing, and Teriyaki atYama Teriyaki.

Olympia has a rather interesting history. In 1846, the Hudson'D Redwing was the first non-native settler in the Olympia area. In 1851, Edmund Sylvester and Levi Smith jointly claimed the land that is now Olympia. Smith built the first house in the area and Sylvester filed a claim on the land where Olympia now stands. In 1896 Olympia became the state capital. The capital was officially moved from Seattle to Olympia in 1853.

Olympia's people are intelligent and outgoing, with a love for all things outdoors.

Olympia's median home price is$395,000. The median rental price is$1,345. The population has a moderate political outlook. 75% of residents own their own homes. 7,362 (13.48%) out of a total of 54,611 people, were children under the age of 18 living in Olympia.

Olympia has a mild climate, with cool winters and mild summers. The average temperature in January is 42.7°F (6°C), while the average temperature in July is 64°F (18°C).

The Port of Olympia is a government agency that serves maritime needs of the region. It owns a 270-slip marina, a 150-slip mooring basin, a boathouse, a shipyard, and a fuel dock. Olympic Flight Museum is located just outside Olympia and features aircraft and exhibits illustrating the history of aviation in the region.

In the 1890s, Olympia had a tiny village of 'Tumwater Falls Nisqually', the longhouses of the 'Falls People'. The 'Falls People' were the first known residents of the immediate area. They used the falls for salmon, mussels, and camas bulbs.

Olympia was named after Mount Olympus, home of the gods in Greek mythology.

The Capitol Campus includes the Capitol Building, the Temple of Justice, and the Legislative Building. Tumwater Falls Park is home to the falls, a playground, tennis courts, and trails. Percival Landing is a boardwalk along the marina. There is a large wooden dummy nicknamed 'Hippity-Hop', a popular photo spot.

The farmers market, located near the marina, features fresh produce, flowers, crafts, and live music.